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Unity Garage Door have the skills and parts needed to perform any type of garage door repair services to our clients.

And there’s a lot of reasons that arise in over 10 years of being in business, trust, service and low Price!

The reason we have the cheapest price is because Unity Garage Door have NO sub-contractors.

This is set a apart from our competition by provide the highest level of service at prices our competitors simply will not beat.

garage door wont open garage door repair

Garage Door Not Open

This #1 common issue and our Technician specialty! 
Caused of blocked photo eye, disrupted power source , Broken springs and Remote control malfunction. Snapped or loose cables. Sensitivity needs adjustment. The limit setting is off. The door dislodged from its track

garage door wont close garage door repai

Garage Door won't Close

Your garage door is stuck. What is the most likely reason?

Blocks or damaged sensors, issue with the wall station and manual release cord.

garage door off track garage door repair

Garage Door is off Track

Garage door roller come off the tracks, need new wheels?Fortunately, fixing off-track rollers or replacing wheels is a a repair our technicians doing every day.

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garage door opener don't work   garage d

Opener Doesn't Work

Garage door openers and troubleshooting is our expertise. 

We are familiar with all garage door openers brands have In-Stock parts and new openers.

garage door broken springs garage door r

Garage Door Spring Broken

Springs are the single most important part of any garage door system. There are many different types of garage door springs and we carry all springs sizes In-Stock.

We know garage door repair like the back of our hands.
Unity Garage Doors can provide you with a free inspection, diagnose the problem, and fix it for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any garage door repair questions or would like to schedule an estimate. We arrive in 30 Minutes!

Something is Wrong with Your Opener or Transmitter

The transmitter is what sends the signal to your garage door for it to open. If the batteries aredead, there-in lies the issue! Check to see if the garage door still opens when you use the transmitter on the wall. If it does,simply replace the batteries for the transmitter in your car. 


you use the transmitter on the wall. If it does,simply replace the batteries for the transmitter in your car. Ensure the plus and minus signs line up on the inside of the transmitter after you remove the old batteries.


Stay available to the Phone! We will call you in a few minutes.

Something is Wrong with Your Springs

All springs have a life expectancy that can be affected by frequency of use, and the height and weight of the door.If you happen to hear a loud, “fire-cracker-like” noise, that could be the sound of your garage door springs breaking.You mustn’t try to open the garage door again or fix this issue on your own as it can be dangerous work if you’re not professionally trained. At Unity Garage Doors, we’ve seen all these issues and more.

The Door’s Track Is Blocked / Bend or Damaged Wheels

Sometimes the solution is just that simple.

Garage doors have a reversing mechanism that stops them from crushing objects blocking their track path.

Check the track area if bend or blocked.

If nothing immediately catches your eye, take a closer look at the wheels. Periodically cleaning the tracks will serve as a considerable preventative measure for this scenario.

Disconnect Switch Was Enabled

Often attached to a rope or a knob, the disconnect switch allows you to operate your garage door manually if you lose power.

If the switch is pulled during a power outage or is accidentally unhooked, it needs to be reattached to use the garage door automatically again.

Open and Close Limit Settings Are Wrong

This issue happens mainly with a newly installed garage door or older models that need to be reset.Adjust your settings for the garage door motor to ensure the door is opening and closing correctly. Consult the manual or a professional if you need help

garage openers repair.jpg
Your Track Is Out of Alignment

Your door runs on a metal track. Your door will not move and can even become dangerous tooperate if it is not correctly aligned. Do you see any gaps between the rollers and the rail? Do  you hear a rubbing noise when the garage door opens and closes?

Does the door slow down at aspot as it moves? The track is misaligned if your answer to any of these questions is yes.To fix this issue, first, loosen the screws that hold the track to the frame. Next, gently tap thetrack until it is back in place. Tighten the screws once they align the track and repeat this step atother unaligned tracks.


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