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Broken springs are the #1 source of customer calls Unity Garage Doors. 
We sells, install and service nearly every common type of garage door springs
.Regardless what shape and type your springs are, Unity Garage Door knowledgeable garage door expert will get the job done!

Springs are heavy, installed with extreme tension, complicated to lift and install and can be dangerous.

Replacing broken garage door springs is a professional garage door technician task only. 
Springs should never be replace or repair by individuals who are not having the right tools and experience to do so. Spring replacements can be dangerous and cause damage to the individual who install them and for the garage door and opener.

Without the proper tools and training, serious personal injury can occur.

The professional team of garage door springs repair at Unity Garage Door Repair send one of our qualified technicians out to your home within 30 Minutes.


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Unity Garage Door have NO sub-contractors.

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The purpose of a garage door spring is to offset the weight of the door, which then allows the door to open and close as it should. Springs are relied upon in both manual and automatic doors and can be found in a large majority of garage door types. Depending on the type of garage door, there’ll normally be either one or multiple torsion springs, or extension springs installed.

A well balanced door capable to open with just minimal effort. The spring allows the garage door opener to raise and lower the door with minimal effort. When a spring are broken, the garage door often will not open, leaving you and your car trapped inside! Unity Garage Door can come to your rescue!

Our main goal is ensuring that our clients’ needs handled in the quickest and most professional way.
Our experienced technicians available 24/7 in the event you need a quick and affordable garage door repair.


Does your garage can't be moved? Did you hear a loud boom? If so, you might just have a broken garage door spring.

The weight of the garage door determines what spring or springs should be used on your garage door.
The number of life cycles the spring is rated for is determined by the gauge of wire 
used to make the spring and the diameter and length of the actual spring.

A garage door technician can weigh your garage door and provide you with spring replacement options

broken Torsion Garage Door Springs 1.jpg

Broken Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are located above the garage door and they are what lift the actual weight of the garage door. Most doors weigh between 150 to 250 pounds and without working springs, the garage door opener cannot lift the door. Attempting to use a garage door opener to lift a garage door with a broken spring can cause numerous parts on the opener to break.

broken extension Garage Door Springs.jpg

Broken Extension Springs

Extension springs are used in a different type of door lift design that are used perpendicular to the door. They are attached to the bracket that holds the horizontal track to the ceiling. They extend as the door goes down and with one broken the door cannot work properly.

Unity Garage Doors are knowledgeable with both types of springs, Extension Springs and Torsion Springs and can quickly analyze the problems associate with garage door springs which is broke, loose or not working.
The solution can be springs replacement or adjustment. Broken Springs are commonly accrue in garage door repair.


There are commonly used springs and several types of garage door spring:

Extension springs 

To operate your garage door, extension springs expand and contract to produce the force required to lift your door. The average garage door is opened and closed over 600 times every year. This repetitive action is what leads to the creaks you hear on a daily basis.

The extension springs are mounted on both sides of the garage door alongside the track.

Since the steel safety cable will only need to be removed from the horizontal support bracket only removal of safety cable will allow to reinstall and replace the springs.

The extension springs attach to the track and through a series of pulleys and cables to the bottom bracket on the garage door located on the bottom section. The extension springs provide the energy needed to open the garage door while the cable and pulley system does the actual lifting. If any one of these components are damaged or not installed properly, the system will not function safely or properly.


Torsion springs In doors with torsion springs, the springs are installed parallel to the door. The springs wind up when the door is closed and then unwind when the door is opened. This process creates the energy needed to help lift the weight of the garage door.

Torsion springs are located on a bar above the garage door When one breaks you will see a gap of an inch or more between the coils.

These spring(s) are mounted on a shaft which spans the entire width of the door. On either end of the shaft, there are drums. These drums are used to help wrap cables which are attach from the drum to the bottom section of the garage door. torsion springs are subjected to bending stress rather than torsional stress. As the door moves to the closed position, the cable unwraps to safely lower the door. Typically, when a torsion spring breaks, these cables will loose tension and pop off of the drums. 

Torsion springs can be designed to work in a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. Torsion springs are generally mounted around a shaft or arbor, and must be supported at three or more points


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The following are the different signs of broken or faulty garage door springs that you should look for. We recommend visually checking your garage door springs for these signs at least once a month to ensure that your garage door is operating safely and securely.
springs problem - garage door wont close

Garage Door Not Open or Very Heavy

The Garage Door won't open and barely moving. A Well balanced door is easily to lift with using 1 finger. a significant sign the garage sprints are broken is the door refuse to open.  Another possibility beside of the springs is to have issue with the garage door opener. 

If the garage door refuse to open after notorious tries, it’s best to call our professional team that can properly diagnose the problem.

Check yourself- 

If your garage door springs are located horizontally at the top of your garage door then it is called a torsion spring. You should check for a gap in between the springs to indicate if they are broken. If your springs are located at either side of your garage door, they are called extension springs. Look to see if a piece of them is hanging on the side of your garage door to indicate if those are broken.


The garage door cables are loose

Look for signs of wear or damage in the different components of your garage specially the cables for any signs of damage or wear. It’s important to realize that even if the springs appear in good shape, damage to other components such as the cable can be a strong indication of damaged springs. If your cables are loose or slack, the spring isn’t functioning correctly.

springs problem - garage door gap in spr

Visible gap in your torsion spring

Spring need to be tight! In the event of broken torsion spring you will notice a visible gap or looseness between the two tightly-wound torsion.

springs problem - garage door not closes

The door only opens about six inches

The garage door spring support the garage door heavy weight, The door won't open easily if the springs are broken. The door may open only a few inches or not open at all. Another possibility is the safety system was triggered.

springs problem - garage door bang.jpg

Loud bang coming from the garage

Some customers report it sounds like someone is trying to break into their home but actually This noise can be a release amount of tension. This release of tension energy converted into noise.

If you hear a loud bang noise, look at the area above the door. Notice if you see a gap or broken springs.

springs problem - garage door falls quic

The garage door falls quickly while it’s going down

Does your garage door fall faster than usual when you close it with your automatic opener?

When the door is quickly closes its can be an indication the springs are no longer able to hold the tension and to carry the weight of the door so it's close faster, falling like, not in a normal paste. 






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