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Your Garage door having issue with getting open, not closing all the way or remain open?

The professional team of garage door repair at Unity Garage Door Repair send one of our qualified technicians out to your home within 30 Minutes.


We’ll make the necessary adjustments to your limit switch.

Also, We have NO sub-contractors.

This is set a apart from our competition by provide the highest level of service at prices our competitors simply will not beat.


Therefore, if you have an older model, leave it to us to come out,
preform a garage door inspection and provide an affordable estimate to get the garage door to open and close properly.

Your Garage Door not open? Unity Garage door are here to help 24/7. We proud to be the quickest in South Florida including local cities such as Fort Lauderdale garage door repair , garage door repair in West Palm Beach, we provide garage door repair Pembroke Pines, also garage door repair Boca Raton,  in city of Hollywood garage door repair, our garage door repair team arrive in 30 minutes to Delray Beach to repair garage door, garage door repair Coral Springs, garage door repair Pompano Beach,  garage door repair Miramar and surrounding cities recognized as the leading Garage Door repair and installer among homeowners. Check our South Florida Service Area


Our main goal is ensuring that our clients’ concerns are handled quickly and to satisfaction.
We have experienced technicians available 24/7 in the event you need a quick and affordable garage door repair.

  • Garage Doors not Open

This is most of frustrating problem - Garage door Not open.

Lucky our technician have the right equipment, skills and knowledge to repairs any door who won't open.


This is also is the most common problem. Usually cause by the garage motor unit.

It's might also be an electricity related issue such as the circuit breaker, fuse, or GFCI outlet powering the door opener circuit has tripped or burned out.


Finally, it's possible the garage door opener's motor has burned out and isn't operating at all. This is a problem that will require you (or a service person) to replace it. 

  • Remote control or wireless keypad won't operate the garage door.

Signal issue - Modern garage door openers are essentially small radios that operate at about 315mH, and a few feet of extra distance can affect the signal.


Garage door Motor unit antena is damaged or in the way

Problem with wall switch hardwired, garage door remote control or garage door keypad.

Our Garage door repair technician have in-stock part such as antennas, garage door remotes, wires and more therefore the garage repair project can be done quickly on-site.  

Some of the sensitive electronics in the remote control or keypad are lose or need to reset and set new garage door remote or keypad programming.

  • Garage Door Won't Close All the Way

Most likely the safety sensors not working improperly. 

Those sensors face each other, and determine if anything in the way. 

The garage door wont close if the sensors having electricity issue, or are not transmitting the signal properly.

Close-limit switch need adjusting, replacement or repair. Your garage door has set-limit switches that instruct the motor when to stop running. The If the close-limit switch is set wrong, it may prevent the door from closing It can also cause the opener to reverse or pull back up when you attempt to close it.

Another reason garage door won't close all the way is rusted or damaged rollers can cause the door to bind in the tracks.

Replacing damaged rollers or lubricating them with silicone lubricant can correct this problem.


Bent garage door track can be another reason which can also cause the problem.

The garage repair technicians have the right repair tools to adjust the track, keep in-stock parts as wheels, senors and switch. Unity Garage door like to get the job done right the 1st time.

  • Garage Door Reverses Before Hitting the Floor

The Door goes partway down, reverses direction and goes back up again.

There must be something obstructing the safety sensor located at the bottom of your door.

This problem can be as of a result of a non adjusted or damages close-force screw. For less sensitivity and to avoid friction the rollers must ensure that it is adjusted perfectly.


Damaged or rusted track rollers can create the garage door reverse effect. 

the door opener into thinking the door if the roller track are bent or out of place.

When the garage door opener experience resistance the opener assume the door reached the floor.​

  • Garage Door Reverses Immediately After Touching the Floor

The close-limit screw need to be adjusted. The Close-limit screw located on the door opener motor.

  • Garage Door Does Not Open Completely

Travel adjustment in the opener and force need to be adjusted to allows you to set where the door stops in the up and down position.

Repairing, replacing or adjusting the Travel-adjustment in opener will cause change of resistance. There are openers that have a build-in Travel-adjustment and some openers does not. The garage door repair technician be able to inspect the opener model and determine the repair strategy on site.


The door need to be properly balanced by the garage door repair technician as well. Balancing the garage door is crucial factor.


  • Garage Door Opens But the Motor Won't Stop Running

Most of the time, this type of problem occurs when adjustment made to a garage door. The up-limit switch is what controls how far your door closes. Unless something gets bumped or messed with, you should not have this problem happen all of a sudden


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