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No matter what garage door remote you have Liftmaster®, Chamberlain® , Genie®, Craftsman® or any other garage door opener remote control brand, Our Technicians will solve ANY garage door remote control problem quickly and efficiently.

Unity Garage Door also sells, program and service nearly every brand and style of residential garage door remote control.
Regardless what is your Garage door or opener Unity Garage Door knowledgeable garage door expert will get the job done!

The professional team of garage door openers repair at Unity Garage Door Repair send one of our qualified technicians out to your home within 30 Minutes.


Unity Garage Door have NO sub-contractors.

This is set a apart from our competition by provide the highest level of service at prices our competitors simply will not beat.


​Who doesn’t get frustrated when the button you’re pressing warrants no response? When this
happens to your garage door remote, the solution is often simple.
The first thing you want to do is make sure that you are pressing the button while you are in range.

If you are too far away, the motor will not respond to you. If this is not the issue, you
need to confirm if you have blown a fuse.

Attempt to open the door with the wall switch. If that proves successful, the remote’s batteries may be dead. Replace them and push the button again.
If that still doesn’t work, ensure the antenna on the motor unit is in its proper place. If all is
well, then you will need to replace the remote altogether.

Unity Garage proud to be leading in garage doors remote in South Florida including Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Pembroke Pines, Boca Raton, Hollywood, Delray Beach, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach,  Miramar and surrounding cities recognized as the leading Garage Door repair and installer among homeowners. Check our South Florida Service Area


Our main goal is ensuring that our clients’ needs handled in the quickest and most professional way.
Our experienced technicians available 24/7 in the event you need a quick and affordable garage door repair.


Need to replace lost, broken or stolen remotes, you’ve come to the right place.

We sale, install and service all brands of garage door remote control. We have parts in stock for most brands including Liftmaster®, Chamberlain® , Genie®, Craftsman®:

For New Garage Door Remote installations, we feature Chamberlain® Universal garage Door remote control. The chamberlain universal remote programs wirelessly to the garage door opener and does not require you to cut into wiring or install an unsightly receiver in your garage.

garage door remote not working liftmaste

Liftmaster Garage Door Openers Remote

LiftMaster garage door opener remote can replace your older equipment with new, top-of-the-line ones. The universal remote control compatible with most doors types and openers. We keep In-Stock 3, 2 and 1 buttons garage door remote control, Universal garage door remote and also the compact keychain version. 

garage door remote not working craftsman

Craftsman Garage door Opener - Belt Drive

Craftsman remote control sold mostly at Sears but as a license remote garage door opener control vendors able to order the remote in a discounted wholesale prices.

These remote controls are programmed to be Craftsman compatible.

garage door remote not working Chamberla

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers Remote

Chamberlain garage door opener remotes comes in 3,2 and 1 button clicker, Universal 2-Button Garage Door Opener Remote with Visor Clip and compact keychain.
Parts to execute a repair available for most clicker remotes. 
Chamberlain remotes known to be secure.
Most remotes have  Security +2.0 encryption

garage door remote not working multicode

Multi-Code Garage door Opener Remote

The affordable option. This remote is clip into the car, only works with Multi-Code 300 MHz products.

Best work with all US Multicode gate or garage door opener systems. Btw, is a brand of remote opener that has been manufactured by the same company responsible for Linear openers and Chamberlain openers.

garage door remote not working

Genie Garage door Opener Remote

Genie garage door opener remote not working right? We carry wide selection of Genie remotes in various of styles: 1, 2 or 3 buttons remotes, handheld, clip to your vehicle and a key chain openers remotes.
Most common replacement parts are also available.

Unity Garage Doors are knowledgeable with all types and brands of garage door remotes and can quickly analyze the problems associate with garage door openers remote control which is not working.
The solution can be by adjusting your garage door or openers, replacement of the remote itself, reprogramming or wiring adjustments.

Reprogram the Garage Door Opener Remote Control

Reprogram the remote control or keypad. The electronics in remote or keypad are sensitive. The remotes have different programming and restart setting which our professional garage door technicians are well familiar with. Also the skilled technician can erase all codes from motor unit memory and add a new codes instead. 

Issues with the opener / logic board

Remote might have lost its programming link to the garage door opener. Reprogram the remote is needed to re-activate the garage door opener.

Reset of the logic board in the motor unit is also a possibility to solve the issue. The technician will take a few minutes to first analyse the opener and might unplug the garage door opener for one minute. Than the technician restore power and reprogram the remotes.

Replace the garage door remote batteries
You probably consider this option before call our expert but here's a reminder. If your garage door opener remote has suddenly stopped signaling for your door to raise and lower, pay attention to see whether the batteries have died. Garage door remote batteries typically last approximately one to two years before needing to be replaced.

The transmitter of batteries may be dead. By using the wall-mount panel you can easily determine if the issue is with the batteries. If the garage door open by using the wall mounted panel - the problem is most likely caused by the remote.


Stay available to the Phone! We will call you in a few minutes.

Push-buttons Garage door opener remote, car garage door transmitter remote, Side keypad or ANY  more ore less complicated system. We can program it all!
Just eat back, relax and see Unity Garage Door expert getting the programming done quick and efficient.
Some Garage door opener remote programming can be simple and some remotes required garage door professional skill, knowledge and tools. 
Having the convenience of a professional garage door technician to drop by and program your garage door remote or program your car to the garage door opener comes with great benefits. Yes, some remotes are easier and some people have more technical skills than others.
Having a garage door expert to program the remote or car remote to the garage opener is quick process! and programming done right.
Whether it's a button remote, Programming a Vehicle to the Garage Door Opener, a keypad mounted to the side of your home or a more complicated system, Unity Garage door can get the garage door programming done and you can seat back, relax and won't have to worry about a thing.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Programming a Vehicle to the Garage Door Opener
You purchased a new car that has the garage door transmitter capability built-in the vehicle?
Unity Garage Door can quickly and efficiently have the skills, equipment and knowledge to program any car make and model to the opener logic board system to smoothly open and close the garage door directly from you car, have peace of mind from knowing you always have your garage door remote and it's won’t be lost or left at the house.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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